Has Tesla Improved The 2021 Model 3 Build Quality For Sep 18th?

2021.09.19 18:52 trapuss Has Tesla Improved The 2021 Model 3 Build Quality For Sep 18th?

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2021.09.19 18:52 EvanPoole99 Gold Girl Digital Art

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2021.09.19 18:52 AdultVRsites Angel Wicky is a horny blonde MILF

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2021.09.19 18:52 FanuBreaks Let's sample old records, nicely isolate/separate their elements, and make a beat with them

Video says it all instead of me explaining it too much: https://youtu.be/te3gOOgkmsk

I bought some old records, sampled them, and used this new RipX app to rip some elements fairly cleanly (drums, bass, vocals etc). I feel it's doing a much better job than Izotope RX (the video has a quick comparison with drums). See the YT info text for convenient timecodes / links to different sections.
BTW, this is not an ad: I'm still on the trial version of RipX but am considering buying – I love making sample-based music, and wanted to let other similar-minded music-makers to know of it.
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2021.09.19 18:52 Ali3nV5Pr3da70r Price and Time

Hi there! I intend on buying the game on launch, but i have to use a cashterminal so can someone tell me how much the game will cost and if you know the exact time it will launch?
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2021.09.19 18:52 yibitto Lost my SOL

It was not approved by the SOL coinlist, which I threw out of my own wallet for 15 days. what should I do?
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2021.09.19 18:52 Atlas-303 Blursed Breakfast

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2021.09.19 18:52 intoOwilde A list of Math resources - from Undergraduate to Master's level

So, I'm having a bit of time on my hand, so I decided to start some write-up of what I believe is important in any math past the undergraduate degree in economics. This started out as a comment but apparently I am blowing the character limit, which, frankly, is preposterous, but here we go. This is supposed to guide you through the jungle of math that you might encounter in your Economics studies, and to give a bit of insight on why it could be relevant.
1.Introduction: Why, God, why!?
What I find most important to understand is that a) math is a tool and b) math is your friend. Whenever we haggle with some formula it can be either due to us not understanding 1. what this is supposed to do or 2. how it is supposed to achieve this. The first means we do not understand the translation from ordinary to mathy language, the second means we do not understand something in the language of math. It is similar to the difference of not understanding the sentence "Io sono un frommagio" because you do not understand italian (case 1) or because you have no clue what cheese (frommagio) is (case 2).
Take a regular example: first-order-conditions in utility- or profit-maximization. A student might know how the math in FOCs is to be applied but may lack any insight into why we do this, not knowing the first thing about how a derivative works. Or a student might think "Okay, in deciding their optimal consumption bundle an agent will want to maximize her utility, in a manner such that whenever she can exchange two goods in a ratio that is better than what she would ask for, she'll do it, and she'll be optimally off if there is no possible trade of two goods in a ratio that make her happier than she currently is" - a very great and insightful economic thought, but totally devoid of any mathematical reasoning. To the first student I can give a mathmatical optimization problem and they'll tell me the correct solution, but fail to grasp why this is so. To the first student I can give a list of possible trades that an agent can make and after some playing around she'll give me the right optimal solution, but as the amount of possible trades increase she might take days or even weeks for a big amount of trades.
Suddenly, we stumbled upon the notion of marginal utility and learned how to apply calculus to this in order to solve it efficiently. And we still know why we do it - we apply FOCs because in optimum the marginal utility I receive from something equals its price, and marginal utility is the change in utility, which is by the notion of calculus the first derivative of the utility function.
This small example is just supposed to illustrate how math in economics is not something we use to give ourselves more credibility or prestige or whatever. We use it, ultimately, to make our lifes easier. And like with learning how to ride a bike, there will be some pains in learning until we've reached it, yet when we ride the bike we're glad we did it. So view math as your friend, and, if possible, some neat tool for gaining insight into the world.

  1. Okay, if I have to do it - what do I need?
Okay, so let's talk a bit about what math we need in Economics. This is mainly (Linear) Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics.
2.1 Linear Algebra - studying space
In Algebra we are dealing with objects that can be represented in a plane. Vectors and Matrices are pretty neat objects that have a lot to say, and that can be extremely good not just for holding notation simple and storing information pieces efficiently, but also because it helps us put some conditions on certain parts of our problem - e.g. demanding that a matrix must be of full rank (as is often needed in statistics) or positive-semidefinite (so that the matrix has some properties that we can use to establish certain results). Knowing it will help you understand how e.g. modern-day econometrics is set up in its problems (deriving OLS, e.g.) but also in areas such as microeconomics where we talk about the orthogonality of price vectors to the budget plane. It's useful to learn these things for more than 2-dimensions (which would be 2x2-matrices): we learned to set things up for two goods, drawing utility isoquants, making budget lines tangent, etc., but all these results have nothing two-dimensional about them, they can easily be generalized in higher dimensions - but then we cannot draw it anymore, because our drawings are two-dimensional, and we usually want more dimensions.
For Linear Algebra I very much recommend the course "Essence of Linear Algebra" by 3Blue1Brown on Youtube in addition to reading whichever math textbook you prefer, e.g. Simon & Blume:
In the graduate level you'll need sometimes more than what is in these videos, but learning it yourself from a book will be infinitely easier after you've watched these videos a few times. Dr. Peyam also has some great videos on this on youtube, e.g.:
2.2 Calculus - the study of the tiniest things
Next up, our best friend: Calculus, or as I call it, the nemesis of those who have had horrible teachers. If you wanted me to break down what Calculus is, I'd say it's the study of tinyness. Or rather, it is the toolkit that helps us greatly reduce the complexity of our problems if we can impose some conditions on it.
Think back to the earlier problem on utility maximization I gave. If you want our goods to remain truly discrete (e.g. being integer-valued like in real life: bananas come in amounts of 1, 2, 3,...) and utility to be non-linear in these goods, we will have a pretty bad time. That's because usually we impose the restrictions that we can treat goods like being nearly infinitely divisible and then if marginal utility is decreasing we can easily establish certain results using the fact that the rate of change in goods equals something else. Good luck doing this in discrete math. For discrete-choice-problems you usually have to check all possible values for all possible bundles to find a true optimum, and that can take loooong. So Calculus helps us deal with this, and so it is our friend. (Tell yourself this over and over if it hurts you, as it will, believe me)
The applications of Calculus are somewhat richer. Besides having a good understanding of single- and multivariate calculus in deriving functions, you'll also need some solid skills in learning integrals. Integrals aren't hard in themselves - they're basically just sums applied to very tiny continuous objects rather than discrete ones. The harder part is usually explicitly solving integrals, which involves finding the antiderivative to a function and evaluating it (this is by the way my favorite theorem in math: The fundamental theorem of calculus). They're needed in many parts of economics: modelling lifetime utility of a consumer in a continuous-time horizon (which in discrete time would just be the sum of consumer-utility at each point t), in probability-methods used in econometrics (modelling densities of a random variable) or in random-utility-methods (weighing the random utility given from a consumption bundle x with its probability and summing that up over all possible values) and many, many more. Third, we need Differential Equations, and these are something you either love or hate or both (usually no. 2 or 3).
Differential Equations, to me, are a different way of addressing a dynamic model, and so are usually needed in modelling dynamic processes, e.g. the flow of time, but there are also others, like a continuum of tasks or goods over which production takes place. DEs are a different way of tackling things because they start, in a way, from the other way around compared to classical problems. Think back to your Micro 101 classes and often you find problems like "This is your function describing utility or production technology, this is your budget, solve this", and then you find out how in optimum a e.g. firm is willing to accept internal flow rates into capital and away from capital. DEs go the other way round. A good example in my view comes from Growth Theory. Suppose you want to establish that throughout time you observe a constant growth rate of consumption per capita, and you wonder what aggregate production function leads to this. This just means that the growth rate of consumption at time t is equal to some constant g, and now you want to find out what functions you could have for e.g. utility or production that lead to this (instead of e.g. being decreasing over time). You start the problem differently: you observe the flow in optimum and want to deduce back towards what must stand behind the problem.
This just scratches the surface, but those are the three main areas in my opinion that we need from Calculus. Theories of Derivatives and Integration are also again splendidly explained by 3Blue1Browns Essence of Calculus:
Furthermore, the video on Real Analysis by The Bright Side of Mathematics is also good in my opinion:
DEs are more difficult to pin down, but this series of his is also good, although it involves one or two videos with complex-valued rather than real-valued math at the end, which is intriguing but irrelevant for us:
Those are for understanding these things, but learning how to apply this to concrete examples of integrals, functions, or differential equations is something you only learn by applying it yourself. There are many fun videos out there on these topics, e.g. by Dr. Peyam or BlackPenRedPen, both of which are really cool and often need you to make an effort. BPRP is more focused on concrete applications imo, Peyam more on establishing certain algebraic results, both of which have good stuff though. Flammable Maths also does a fairly good job, but his meme-style of teaching is not my personal taste, and he comes from physics rather than econ, so the problems are often unfamiliar (but he has cool stuff). Mathologer has awesome videos about maths, often with a historical background (his video on why the sum of positive integers does not equal negative 1/12 is AWESOME) but this is getting very mathy there. Finally, Michael Penn also has a ton of great videos applying techniques to problems, very instructive, e.g. on integration, if memory serves.
2.3 Statistics - Fools for Randomness
So let's get to the last block, statistics. This is an odd bloke because you will constantly have to use stuff from Linear Algebra and Calculus in your Econometrics classes, and that often muddies whether you're struggling with the Matrices or the Optimization or the Randomness. Statistics as we do it is, if you asked me to pin it down, the study of variation and its influences. We need regressor-matrices of full rank because that means we have unique variation for each variable, and not that two variables always varied in the same way. And based on this variation we try to infer what techniques are appropriate to apply (99% OLS). I always find Jeffrey Wooldridge to be immensely helpful there; Introductory Econometrics is an amazing book. I have little experience on graduate level textbooks, unfortunately, so I cannot name many ressources here. I always found the courses I took perfectly sufficient there.
Perhaps what can help - but there it's getting advanced - is a course on measure theory, which will also deepen your understanding of integrals, e.g. the Lebesgue-Integral or the Stieltjes-Integral. A good ressource for this comes in my opinion from The Bright Side of Mathematics on YT:
He is also developing a video series on probability theory, but that so far only encompasses 5 videos, but do check it out as well, his channel is growing and his style of explaining deserves more viewers. 3B1B also has some stuff on probabilities, but nothing systematic, unfortunately.
  1. Will you stop talking already?
So yeah, that's my take on what ressources can be helpful. I hope something is in there for you. In my opinion your textbooks are a lot less important than watching good lectures (MIT Open Coursework is always a great ressource there as well!), and there both classical lectures as well as modern day Youtube can act as amazing complements. The most important thing is that you try to understand that math is just a language for us to efficiently and precisely describe concepts in, and that it is your friend. Even if it sometimes acts differently.
If anyone wishes to add some ressources, I'll be happy to add things to the list. You can PM me stuff to check out and I'll give it a look. Seeing as this is my personal recommendation post, though, I'll take the liberty of only recommending what I've checked out.
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2021.09.19 18:52 AssortedCooking "Masaledar Paneer"- dabha style rich and creamy paneer recipe with spices and yogurt!

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2021.09.19 18:52 Bigringcycling Kind of upsetting…

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2021.09.19 18:51 Saitama--_-- 5 Great Anime & Manga for Delinquent Lovers(last video got a strike)

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2021.09.19 18:51 Sickwidit93 Whoa! Getting some respect finally.

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2021.09.19 18:51 Tiberius_II 6 years of collecting

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2021.09.19 18:51 Yumin0309 The awkward moment

Being grey romantic but suddenly getting a huge crush on someone, and at the same time having no real desire to try to have a relationship with them.
Romance is better when it’s fictional/kept to fantasies 😂
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2021.09.19 18:51 Knowingly-A-Loser My mothers snake plant is healthy but she wants it to have more pups to fill out the pot. It gets very little light and gets a little less water than it probably should. The soil kinda feels like a weird plastic though.

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2021.09.19 18:51 AssortedCooking "Masaledar Paneer"- dabha style rich and creamy paneer recipe with spices and yogurt!

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2021.09.19 18:51 AWFUL_TRIGGA I’m stuck between starting these two players so y’all help me break the ice. Full ppr

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2021.09.19 18:51 itbettersnow [Request] Which empire controlled the most land if you add up the amount of land they controlled each year?

For example, if empire one was 5 million sq miles for 1 year, and then 2 million sq miles the next year and then disappeared, then the total would be 7 million.
If empire two was 7 million sq miles for 1 year only, it would be equal to empire one.
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2021.09.19 18:51 MizumiAikawa Eternal Faith Actors

Idk if it’s just me and I might be wrong considering the finished product hasn’t been released yet but I feel like the Eternal Faith actors don’t really fit the characters? I haven’t seen everything but from what I have, they just don’t seem to match? Maybe my expectations are too high from the Untamed(I’m never getting over that lmao), but imo Xiao Wen looks too introverted and maybe a little too moody to be XL? Also, they don’t seem to have that much of a friendship? I mean obviously they are friends, but it’s nothing like Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, and that’s fine as long as it doesn’t affect the actual filming which it probably won’t because they don’t dislike each other at all.
My main thing tho is that they don’t really look like the characters. XL has a kinda cute, soft, innocent and slightly feminine look(he kinda has to for the Xuan Ji thing to actually work), but Xiao Wen is a little too masculine? It’s not completely a bad thing since XL is a Martial God and they need the fight scenes to look cool(I’m not saying that cute people cant look good when fighting), but he’s just a little too much. He’s also kinda looks angry a lot of the time, whereas XL(aside from his second ascension and partially his life before that) has a mostly go-with-the-flow I’m-willing-to-do-whatever-as-long-as-im-not-hurting-anyone attitude? It’s not really his expression, ik he can change that bc he’s an actor, it’s more the facial features, like his eyebrows.
And Ling He on the other hand seems kinda too soft? I mean ig he’s fine for San Lang but Hua Cheng is meant to have this overwhelmingly large and intimidating presence, and idk Ling He just looks too compliant or smth to have that?
Also idk if it's because we're not seeing it from a professional camera or if it's because the editing isn't in yet, or wtvr other reason, but imo the costumes don't really match the effect that it has in the manhua/donghua or the book art/covers. The material(at least from the perspective of the yt videos) seems a little thin and cheap or smth, and it just kinda looks a bit plain? It makes sense for XL and HC/SL's past scenes, but XL used to be a crown prince and HC is now a Ghost King.(Maybe I'm looking at the wrong ones or they haven't shown it yet bc I still can't tell the difference between the SL costume and the HC costume, but there seems to be a lack of accessories and stuff even though in both the manhua and the donghua, in his HC form there is clearly many silver accessories?) And the wigs also seem a little underwhelming when it comes to quality and styling? I get that in the BTS(that feels so weird typing as an ARMY lmao) vids its not rly the final thing so they're not gonna put 100% into every single run through and every take but it just seems wrong? I know that XL is poor and he wears rly plain stuff so it's fine for his haiwig to not be perfect, but like I said HC is a Ghost King now and he wants to look his best for XL so it would make sense for his hair to be perfect except in a few scenes, like the desert(however much hair spray or styling you do beforehand, you're not gonna have perfect hair after coming out of a sandstorm), but his also seems a little messy pretty much all the time?

Anyways that's just my opinion so feel free to disagree also if there's anything I was wrong about or I misinterpreted plz correct me.

also one thing I'm looking forward to is the silver butterflies I hope they turn out well they're so cute and they deserve to be the main characters :3
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2021.09.19 18:51 LuckyWonderful I'm a fourth year MS teacher who throws up from anxiety every work day.

The puking started last spring when we went back to full in person. Never on the weekends. Never on weekdays off. Only on the summer days with PD. I love my job, but some part of my subconscious doesn't. I don't know what to do.
It amazes me sometimes how much stress Covid has added to the work. Teachers are empathy sponges, and now we have to soak up so much more struggle and grief just from kids ordinary lives. Things could be much worse than they are right now. I teach now in a suburban district. I have pretty decent admin. First two years were at an inner city, large city, title 1 school. I broke up fights regularly and put out a fire once there. We had power outages, serious drug problems, AND that admin sucked. I once stopped a student from tossing another kid out a second story window, yet no puking. I went into the Marines and did their OCS program, which was stressful as fuck. No puking. Well, I missed teaching and went back to it (feeling confident it is the career I love), and now I'm an anxiety machine.
At the start of year three (20-21), I was broke af after career changing back to teaching from the Marines, and shit was hard. I donated plasma to make ends meet. Three of my former students were shot throughout the year. It was a dark time. I was suicidal.
I went on medication and tried counseling. Counseling helped with some stuff, but I regularly puked up the anti anxiety and anti naseua pills. Didn't help. Now that I have work based insurance and not medicaid, so even if I wanted to try it again, I can't afford more counseling cause the insurance sucks.
Anyone else overcome workplace anxiety? I need some help.
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2021.09.19 18:51 evernorth Any experience with Small Munsterlanders?

Hey guys, Thanks so much for all the feedback on my previous post. I am in the market for a versatile hunting dog that first and foremost will be a member of the family. I was originally very interested in GSPs and brittanies. But after your guys comments I agree that those breeds may not be ideal in northern ontario to target both upland game and retrieve waterfowl as the temps drop fairly quickly. I've looked into quite a few of the suggestions - the old lady doesn't love the look of really any wirehaired breed and unfortunately she has to be happy - she still loves GSPs. I've been looking into small munsterlanders and they seem to be a great breed - looking at Four Point Kennels in Alberta. Wondering if anyone has experience with SMs and can add any input? I was interested in GLPs/DLs and LMs but the wait time and rarity makes them both quite challenging to get a hold of.
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2021.09.19 18:51 mendigou Help: scrolling on a list with fixed height while keeping the rest static

I am learning React and Bootstrap, and there is something that is driving me crazy. I am trying to have a layout similar to this: https://bryanmcbride.com/bootleaf/. That means having the map and a top navbar, with a scrollable list on one side.
I've taken a jab with the latest React+bootstrap here: https://codesandbox.io/s/react-bootstrap-goingcrazy-2wdkh
I want _only_ the right side to scroll down. The navbar and the fuchsia part should stay in place. I've played with the `overflow-y` and `height` attributes, but it never does what I want: either it doesn't scroll, or the whole lower area scrolls (and extends below the viewport).
I am sure I am missing something evident but I can't find it. Can someone help shed some light?
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2021.09.19 18:51 nolifer247 I dont know if this has been posted but after the NEW YouTube the ads will show in the video until you click away the ad

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