DSM 7.0 Indexing Problems

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2021.09.19 19:31 jurdajrddd DSM 7.0 Indexing Problems

Hello, we upgraded our DS920+ to DSM 7.0 last week. Since that we have problem on windows machines with searching in remote folders. I had to uninstall Universal Search, to get work with text searching (when I look for numbers, it ia not working). Before uninstall I did a lot of re-indexing, but situation was still same. Do someone face same problem after upgrading to DSM 7.0?
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2021.09.19 19:31 EveryEfficiency6 Great project

The project has a clear development plan, An experienced team does everything to make the project the best. High ratings show the great potential of this project.
Brickken #BKN #IDO #Tokensale @BrickkenSTO
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2021.09.19 19:31 leafin0801 Baby budgie ♡

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2021.09.19 19:31 Full-Dingo9249 What do you wear to The Offspring concert? I got my husband tickets to it but I'm not the biggest fan. Going with him to have a good time, but would like to not be the oddball wearing something different.

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2021.09.19 19:31 BigLadRobGreen Help with independent study

Hi everyone, I live in the UK and I'm in my second and final year of college, so just before uni. I am studying French at my college as an A level (a type of qualification for 16-18 year olds) but I'm finding it is too much work to do it as a full time subject, I also hate the way its taught in school with too much of a focus on the academic/grammar side and not there is nowhere near enough speaking.
I'm just hesitant as to if I drop it (stop taking it) or not because I have no clue what kind of resources are out there for self-study. I know there are books, shows, apps, videos etc but what Im after is something similar to school, a consistent, preferably 2/3 times a week scheme with distinct goals. My fear is that if I stop doing French at school, I will just totally forget about it/ not do anywhere near enough work to meaningfully progress with the language. Are there such things as tutors that can come to your house and teach you? I just need a structured kinda thing like school if that makes sense and not someone rocking up online/in person and going "so what do you want to do today?". Sorry if that made no sense at all lol!
Appreciate you guys's advice on what to do! 👌
Also PS is there an age limit for the CEFR levels, like do you have to be 18+ to do them? I'd like a qualification whilst self studying as I'm going to uni soon and this will help me stand out. The reason the levels in my flair are the way they are is cause I have no clue what my level is!
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2021.09.19 19:31 Sharp_Line7505 Dream is Over it LOL

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2021.09.19 19:31 Chustins A CLASSIC CoD throwback!! - The sheep goes in the lake with me!! - Chill Sunday

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2021.09.19 19:31 Nishit1 Advice for an Anxious Person

Hello Everybody Myself Nishit I'm 20 Year old . I'm suffering from anxiety and depression from past 8 months, so my problem is that I'm really impatient guy and I want things to happen asap and lately I have no control over myself I always be in hurry in whatever work I do and I have a never ending to do list and due to which I have lost meaning of life , I always have some work to do in my mind , and I'm always dead serious about things so please suggest me some tips and I will try my best to try to apply them.
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2021.09.19 19:31 jaroslawkaczynski69 Just lost it.

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2021.09.19 19:31 warwicknative Is packet army better?

I just DLPT'd in my target language at DLI and will be heading to AIT soon. Over the last few months we had some Ranger and SF guys come talk to us about all the cool opportunities for Intel on their side of the playground.
I haven't experienced the real army yet, but pretty much all the Drills encourage us to drop packets for airborne, RASP, etc at the earliest opportunity.
Is packet army really significantly better than being at a regular line unit? If so, what kind of bullshit do they deal with?
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2021.09.19 19:31 xzlBATMANlzx [Recruiting] Gotham's Finest | Th 9-14 | Clan Level 18 | Adult/Mature/Competitive/Organized/Planned and structured Wars/CWL/Active Daily| Independent

WE ARE NOT YOUR AVERAGE CLAN. We are as competitive as we are supportive as we are active as we are organized as we are structured. One doesn’t take precedence over the other with us. Read ALL before applying..

******Apply though Discord ONLY. Please send either A) a direct link to your in-game profile or B) screenshots of your base, hero levels, and attacks won for the month to the Discord Recruitment link or you can send the same information to xzlBATMANlzx#0322 (Discord ID) directly or if you have any questions. Recruitment Discord server is a recruitment server only, not our actual game server. Once you are accepted to the clan you will be invited to our more active and structured server for the clan*\*
Clan Tag#: J2UCRJUCLeader: xzlBATMANlzx
Direct link to clan: https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=J2UCRJUC
Clan Discord recruitment link: https://discord.gg/ZUsxNpW2vr
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2021.09.19 19:31 drifterjonny Free PSN Codes

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2021.09.19 19:31 Similar-Sink-9267 DOUGH 🍩 | Huge International marketing is here 🚀 | Live AMA in a French investor group in 1 minute! 🎉

Next marketing steps:
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Do you like Money? Do you like Food?
⚠️Let’s make some Dough!⚠️
🔥So what is Dough? Dough is building a blockchain ecosystem around food & health related products under the Dough™️ brand.
🚀Holders benefit from unique NFTs and can earn vouchers for amazing restaurants.
Read more about the utility of Dough in our Litepaper: Website : www.doughbsc.comhttps://doughbsc.com/assets/Litepaper.pdf. ——————————————————☑️Is Dough just another fork? No, we believe in uniqueness and tastefulness in every aspect of the Dough ecosystem.
The Dough tokenomics have been carefully selected to offer holders the best reward-system on BSC!
When the price is on an uptrend holders are rewarded Cake, but when price is on a downtrend the contract automatically switches to reflections in Dough to decrease sell pressure. —————————————————— ⭐Tokenomics:
Buys: •6% LP •1% Marketing •10% switching Rewards
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⚠️How to buy Dough?:
Dough has its own Swap on its website, but can also be purchased
⚠️Contract: 0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0
⚠️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xde7938d20e49858527e4a26516730c47c20f29c0#readContract
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2021.09.19 19:31 HamsterTop I make comics that give you an Australian accent [OC]

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2021.09.19 19:31 Bassgasm1 WTS 35 Blue - Soft Dungarees, Tan - Futureworks, and Black - Slim Dungarees

For sale is size 35 Soft Dungarees, Futureworks, and Slim Dungarees.
Soft Dungarees - Size 35 - $85 Shipped - have been tailored and worn several times -Good Condition
Future Works - Size 35 - $85 Shipped - have been tailored and worn several times -Good Condition. These are from a WTF.
Slim Dungarees - Size 35 - $85 Shipped - Have not been tailored. Pants have been washed but not worn. These are from a WTF.
https://ibb.co/NnDbSFZ https://ibb.co/Zh8nW05 https://ibb.co/Yd6cy6n https://ibb.co/1mbs1P5 https://ibb.co/f2fRyck https://ibb.co/R0R75fD
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2021.09.19 19:31 Defiant-Feeling-5699 SafeMoon Weekly Burn Report - Enjoy!

SafeMoon Burn Amount. (low burn numbers this week again)
Source: SafeMoon.net
Weekly Figures Start Here:
9/19/21 10:00am New York time: 424.62598 trillion Holders 2,604,672 (safemoon.net changed its decimals here)
9/12/21 10:00am New York time: 424,184,508,639,121 Holders 2,584,044
9/05/21 10:37am New York time: 423,243,457,242,947 Holders 2,570,801
8/29/21 9:32am New York time: 422,954,287,276,627 Holders 2,558,428
8/22/21 11:33am New York time: 422,373,964,645,883 Holders 2,536,549
8/15/21 9:49am New York time: 421,407,776,473,863 Holders 2,521,249
8/7/21 10:05am New York time: 420,864,306,221,735 Holders 2,502,167
Daily figures are below this line:
8/6/21 8:57am New York time: 420,834,306,221,735 Holders 2,501,164
8/5/21 7:57am New York time: 420,814,917,752,729 Holders 2,499,303
8/4/21 1:19pm New York time: 420,795,037,009,133Holders 2,498,172
8/3/21 8:23am New York time: 420,745,574,359,130 Holders 2,496,432
8/2/21 1:10pm New York time: 420,688,269,223,277 Holders 2,495,093
8/1/21 10:18am New York time: 420,614,454,071,717 Holders 2,492,938
7/31/21 9:12am New York time: 420,562,994,355,221 Holders 2,490,345 (80 bill burn here)
7/30/21 11:21am New York time: 420,486,968,941,348 Holders 2,488,995 (BIG BURN HERE!)
7/29/21 11:29am New York time: 420,359,722,818,312 Holders 2,486,855
7/28/21 12:26pm New York time: 420,320,842,786,724 Holders 2,484,962
7/27/21 9:50am New York time: 420,281,122,763,939 Holders 2,483,356
7/26/21 11:06am New York time: 420,243,793,786,557 Holders 2,480,942
7/25/21 11:06am New York time: 420,205,513,788,546 Holders 2,478,434
7/24/21 11:08am New York time: 420,184,641,276,363 Holders 2,476,968
7/23/21 10:43pm New York time: 420,142,621,927,562 Holders 2,474,192
7/22/21 12:47pm New York time: 420,105,480,560,637 Holders 2,472,443
7/21/21 10:08am New York time: 420,076,429,862,387 Holders 2,469,970
7/20/21 8:03am New York time: 420,007,148,198,776 Holders 2,467,905 (Broke 420 trillion!)
7/19/21 4:02pm New York time: 419,959,682,618,079 Holders 2,466,372
7/18/21 9:04am New York time: 419,910,914,585,216 Holders 2,462,517
7/17/21 11:17am New York time: 419,891,991,714,381 Holders 2,461,129
7/16/21 9:36am New York time: 419,864,775,681,839 Holders 2,459,029
7/15/21 1:18pm New York time: 419,842,034,569,919 Holders 2,457,844
7/14/21 6:44pm New York time: 419,821,847,418,545 Holders 2,456,163
7/13/21 9:20am New York time: 419,769,779,713,480 Holders 2,452,976
7/12/21 2:56pm New York time: 419,749,329,184,434 Holders 2,451,334
7/11/21 9:54am New York time: 419,722,757,914,035 Holders 2,448,213
7/10/21 11:51am New York time: 419,701,310,965,079 Holders 2,445,720
7/9/21 8:47am New York time: 419,663,873,842,569 Holders 2,443,230
7/8/21 10:43am New York time: 419,624,101,386,533 Holders 2,440,232
7/7/21 9:34am New York time: 419,564,135,002,581 Holders 2,437,564
7/6/21 9:16am New York time: 419,526,628,291,661 Holders 2,434,234
7/5/21 3:46pm New York time: 419,489,308,243,888 Holders 2,431,693
7/4/21 3:46pm New York time: 419,456,661,392,243 Holders 2,429,335
7/3/21 10:30am New York time: 419,413,594,424,298 Holders 2,425,598
7/2/21 8:46am New York time: 419,387,842,116,418 Holders 2,422,687
7/1/21 11:41am New York time: 419,363,072,303,952 Holders 2,420,358
6/30/21 8:46am New York time: 419,321,235,665,720 Holders 2,416,866
6/29/21 10:10am New York time:419,283,119,807,468 Holders 2,412,821
6/28/21 9:25am New York time: 419,224,450,326,032 Holders 2,409,673
6/27/21 9:25am New York time: 419,190,772,718,221 Holders 2,407,352
6/26/21 9:41am New York time: 419,165,148,725,801 Holders 2,404,718
6/25/21 9:41am New York time: 419,138,927,761,440 Holders 2,401,865
6/24/21 10:13am New York time: 419,083,157,292,067 Holders 2,398,758
6/23/21 10:13am New York time: 419,020,755,969,523 Holders 2,395,788 (we broke the 419 Trill mark!)
6/22/21 9:02am New York time: 418,943,014,944,429 / Holders 2,392,232 (over 110 billion burned!)
6/21/21 9:02am New York time: 418,831,616,731,451 / Holders 2,389,529
6/20/21 9:26am New York time: 418,794,743,256,801 / Holders 2,385,294
6/19/21 8:47am New York time: 418,760,948,224,240 / Holders 2,382,489
6/18/21 9:40am New York time: 418,726,596,123,794 / Holders 2,377,802
6/17/21 8:38am New York time: 418,673,504,897,800 / Holders 2,373,686
6/16/21 8am New York time: 418,625,871,409,701
6/15/21 9am New York time: 418,580,931,593,406
6/14/21 12pm New York time: 418,527,793,818,870
Source: SafeMoon.net
Haters are ignored – just like in real life
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2021.09.19 19:31 HonestParadox Windows introduced an option for no password authentication. Is it worth it or is it just replacing one authentication for another?

Windows wants to kill it's own password authentication in favor of a smart phone authenticator code as the only means of desktop login. The risk of course is if you loose/damage your phone then you not only loose your authenticator, but also the backup options of phone call and email verification, if you have no other devices available. Is this really a safer authentication method going forward?
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2021.09.19 19:31 bigheadedalien420 My bottom left quadrant is empty, what does this mean?

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2021.09.19 19:31 MissOkComputer 🐠 Home where you fish is🐟

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2021.09.19 19:31 rajlego What's up with subscriptions?

I wanted to subscribe but the page for subscriptions looks broken and none of the buttons work.
Anyone know what's up with that?
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2021.09.19 19:31 My_Memes_Will_Cure_U They never think things through.

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2021.09.19 19:31 grefghws Use referral code U4X2ZVO for a $10 credit

Use referral code U4X2ZVO for a $10 public mobile account credit
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2021.09.19 19:31 reddit_feed_bot AaronClarey - "Mail It In Life" Without Wife and Kids

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2021.09.19 19:31 teach-sleep-wine Looking for advice about architecture careers

Hi everyone! I [36F] am genuinely looking into pursuing degree(s) for a career in architecture. Long story short, I have dreamt of being an architect since I was 5 years old, but my parents never took me seriously and my dream dissipated over the decades. I am now a math/science teacher with a degree in geology. Something just still isn’t right, so I took an EdX architecture class and it feels like my soul is being fed. I’m falling in love again.
I would love some advice on two aspects: - if anyone would recommend a quality online program (if they exist) - is there a focus that I should pursue to make me more marketable (I’m strong in math and am married to an extremely skilled computer programmer that would help if needed).
I live near Portland, OR so University of Oregon is, of course, high on my wish list but I am not sure if I can make it work around my teaching hours. Thank you all for your time and advice. Even considering this feels like a dream and it scares the crap out of me, but I need to give this some attention so the 5-year-old me can feel seen.
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2021.09.19 19:31 BeautifulArcher2582 Looking for a "spicy" mezcal

I'm not looking for an exact match here but I would fully appreciate suggestions for anything similar.
I was out in a bar that specializes in tequila and mezcal in the UK, not a huge fan of the former and I was completely oblivious to the latter until a man sat next to us with a tasting platter of various mezcal. The man informed me of the difference and was kind enough to let me try some, I was pleasantly surprised but the one that stood out to me was darker in colour to the others. It had visible bits in that I assumed we herbs and spices. Some time after that man left and I was considerable more inebriated, I queried the staff on what it could have been but I assume I was talking nonsense at that point because they were clueless.
I have scoured the menu since and not come any closer to finding what I had tried. I turn to you Mezcal subreddit! I'm not looking for an exact match, but I would wholey welcome similar mezcal to try my luck with, cheers!
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