My unvaccinated employee is making my other employees uncomfortable, what can I do?

2021.09.19 18:36 throwaway-legal-ca-2 My unvaccinated employee is making my other employees uncomfortable, what can I do?

I own a small business with 9 employees. Due to the nature of our business, we are all working in close proximity to each other, everyone has been very good about masking and self-monitoring for symptoms. We also face the public but are able to keep our distance with physical barriers from them. Some employees have been telling me that they feel uncomfortable working in close proximity to un-vaccinated co-workers, so I made a policy (several weeks ago) that everyone must get their first shot by tomorrow (September 20th) and their second by November 14th.
Everyone already has both shots except for one employee who I'll call Mary. I advised Mary that if she does not get her first dose, I will have to let her go. I asked if there were any obstacles for her that I don't know about, maybe I could help with transportation or whatever she needs. Mary told me that she is a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist and cannot be vaccinated. I have no reason to believe that she's making this up, as I know that she attends church every Sunday and it seems like it's a well-established exemption, so I believe that I need to accommodate her religious belief.
However my other employees are aware that Mary is not vaccinated (she has told them herself) and a few of them are very uncomfortable with that. I fear that allowing Mary to remain un-vaccinated will prompt them to quit, and losing 30-40% of my employees at once would be catastrophic to my business. I've tried to figure out how to separate them, but our work necessarily requires them to be in close proximity with Mary. What can I do here?
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2021.09.19 18:36 Hellforsaken Me after centuries of trying to find an official Electric Wizard or Type O Negative backpatch to finish up my vest

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2021.09.19 18:36 ArcherXIII Guru event lucky!

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2021.09.19 18:36 Loren_zatti Helping a friend with a form for his "sustainability of brands" thesis!

Heyyy everyone! A friend is asking me for help to share this survey, so if you have 5 minutes to do it, would be amazing!
He's writing his final thesis on Conscious Corporate Brands focusing on the business model of a Swedish firm called "A Good Company".
Good company because they try to be sustainable and transparent from A to Z.
He would like to know your standpoint on how sustainable and transparent brands affect your behavior and particularly your decision-making when it comes to online retailers.
Thank you all for your participation!
Have a great day :)
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2021.09.19 18:36 mdm347 Fine as frog hair....

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2021.09.19 18:36 datcat65 blursed devious lick

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2021.09.19 18:36 talkingtommy Which one you responding to? (Credit to creator, his name is Akuu on YT)

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2021.09.19 18:36 Vildas Elden Ring concept art from the press pack.

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2021.09.19 18:36 temp_mental575 Self loathing

I'm a fat disgusting stupid human being, I'm a liar and a cheat, I ugly and not worth it, a bad son and a worse friend, unloved uncared for freak, I'm alone no matter how many people surround me, unmotivated good for nothing trash my death will account for nothing like my life, no redeeming qualities, no nothing, why should I continue even? Would anyone care?
No one will care, I talk to myself daily, I talk to myself more than I talk to people, God I fucking hate me.... I can't get out of this place, I'm miserable to the core with no good reason, am I miserable even or faking it?
Maybe I'm fine maybe not I even don't know anymore I just exist on and on and on and on and on
You know what's the worst part?
Today I watched a documentary about a crazy dude mass shooter, and I have somethings in common with him, I have in common with a degenerate crazy mass shooter how low I can fucking be, life is good I am the bad...
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2021.09.19 18:36 greyservitor Hey guys, Liquor Vault got some glencairns with their logo.

That's all. Cheers to the rest of the weekend.
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2021.09.19 18:36 sachinsatlok Gyan Ganga

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2021.09.19 18:36 Bot-alex ‘Highly effective’ ovarian cancer treatment could help thousands of women

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2021.09.19 18:36 LineIntelligent67 hey come check out Discord with me

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2021.09.19 18:36 ghost_shark_619 Got this from a buddy at work. Anyone else come across a storm trooper Smithers?

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2021.09.19 18:36 jjsjaje Scotland/Ireland

Could the Scottish highlands be interpreted as Ireland i this new update? I have no Irish ancestors and lots from the highlands and now I have 10 percent less Scottish and gained 10 percent Irish.
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2021.09.19 18:36 Zomaly Baby se descarga contra los negros

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2021.09.19 18:36 phenix719 IATSE Preparing Members For A Possible Strike Or Lockout In Hollywood

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2021.09.19 18:36 phiinkes Both of my Lamy Safari's leak around nib section

Where the black piece of plastic that the nib fits around meets the colored plastic of the pen body, I have a constant trickle of ink. Its almost as though the ink is flowing from behind the nib over the top. I thought it was just the nibs so I replaced them both, (which was expensive; if I ever need new Lamy nibs I am just buying the whole pen from now on.) I run one as a converter and one as a cartridge pen. The converter pen leaks more frequently, but the cartridge pen leaks more substantially when it does leak. I carry them nib up in the same, right pants pocket and I baby them far more than I feel like other people baby plastic pens. Does anyone have any insight for this? I love the pens and I am probably going to order some Jinhao and Yiren knock-offs to see which is best, but i would like to potentially extend the longevity of my first fountain pens.
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2021.09.19 18:36 Sedris Used relatively small mice all my life despite not having small hands, should I make the switch?

I don't have a lot of experience with different gaming mice as I've pretty much only ever used Logitech ones (G Pro, G102, G203). My hands are about 19cm x 10.5cm and I've been told those mice are too small for me, but I always felt the shape was perfect. I've never quite managed to figure out whether my grip is a palm/claw or palm/fingertip hybrid but it's somewhere in that ballpark.
The problem, of course, is that they all ended up double clicking after some time. I would love to keep using what I've always had and just get another G203 or a G403 or something but my budget is somewhat tighter these days and I'm worried I'll have to keep replacing mice constantly. A lot of what I've heard about Logitech online matches my experience, so I don't think I've been crazy unlucky or anything.
I've been told that if I like small mice I should get a Viper Mini and that it'll be a lot more durable, but someone else said it'll be too narrow for me and that I should get used to bigger mice like a DA v2 or a Harpoon RGB Pro (although I've also been told not to get a Corsair if I want durability). I've held some big mice in the past and can't imagine I'd enjoy them more, and like I said I'm not really in a position where I can just gamble by ordering a random mouse hoping I'll like it. What do you guys recommend?
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2021.09.19 18:36 Jace999999999999 Tips for note taking pls

I just started high school and half of the time when I finish writing one sentence and the class will be 2 points ahead, If I make my notes short enough to keep up with the class my notes make no sense when I look back at them. Does anyone know a way to take notes quickly and also have it make sense?
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2021.09.19 18:36 25QS2 XPOST: Paul Fenniak - Window (2019-20)

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2021.09.19 18:36 32-Levels The "beach" did not impress her much...

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2021.09.19 18:36 art_of_aliens A jolteon I designed, who's your favourite eeveelution??

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