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Advice on resurfacing issues

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2021.09.19 19:34 pinklatte Advice on resurfacing issues

So I’m looking for a little advice. It’s been about six months and I’ve been doing pretty good. Evolved and I’m in a pretty good place. Lost weight, new job, yada yada yada.
So last week it all resurfaced for me. I found out he’s started dating someone and went to Edinburgh with her (somewhere I wanted to go to throughout our relationship and never did) and the new squeeze is a girl from work - long story short I’ve suspected something was going on for a while and it’s wreaking havoc on my confirmation bias right now.
So my question is for those of you who have had this before - how did you handle it and what did you do to get this out of your system?
And none of the usual no contact, don’t think about it etc. Been there, done that. I’m also fully aware that the shine will wear off their early new dating tingles and he’ll go back to being his weed smoking, lazy moron self soon enough - good luck to her etc.
To put the current feelings into perspective - I’m angry because his motto has been ‘don’t s**t where you eat’ and insisted there was nothing going on at work with anyone. I feel like I was right - even if he didn’t cheat on me, there was something there and it means that I’m not crazy and my feelings were justified.
I’m also really annoyed about the Edinburgh thing. I wanted to go with him for five years and he never even made an effort to arrange it.
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2021.09.19 19:34 soroushpiano The closest I’ll be to feeling like jack sparrow #shorts

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2021.09.19 19:34 Glittering-Put-9116 Looking for a scholarship

Good day! Managers
I'm really hoping you will consider me as one of your scholars. I will really work hard to meet the daily quota.
I have 12 years experience of gaming here are the games that I've played in the past 12 years. I am competitive and active about gaming
I have no experience in Axie Infinity but I'm willing to learn.
I am interested in scholarship because I need money for my needs in college. I really hope you would choose me as your next scholar. I'm looking forward to become one of your scholars.
For more information about me you can send me a DM and I will send you my complete resume.
Godbless and Thank you!
Have a nice day.
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2021.09.19 19:34 ftjshfhjed Very new here. My first little planted bowl.

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2021.09.19 19:34 SamPeachie Parallel, me, acrylic on canvas paper, 2021

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2021.09.19 19:34 yoitsappy Please help me with my Tinder profile. I don't get any matches

I've been on Tinder for months but I'm not getting any matches. I've put my latest pics. Share your honest opinions so that I can make my profile better
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2021.09.19 19:34 Artiet59 Mod, DONE- driver swap on D1s to the 7.5amp kr4 driver, lighted button

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2021.09.19 19:34 Super_Jay Swore fealty to Battania but war ended immediately after. I have no fiefs income and no mercenary contract, just a single workshop and 60,000d to my name. How to boost income?

I'm in an awkward spot where I'm a vassal with no fief, so I have no income other than 50-120d per day from my one workshop. I do have 60k denars total, so I'm wondering if I buy another workshop, invest in caravans? Maybe start doing trade runs myself again?
Just wondering b/c my costs are like -300d per day due to the companions and troop upgrades that I foolishly invested in right before peace was declared. Without any war going on, my options feel pretty limited and I can't count on getting a fief anytime soon. Any ideas?
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2021.09.19 19:34 skylinesfadetodust 009 Sound System - Trinity

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2021.09.19 19:34 IOOOW99993 Yesterday it was contraception. Today it's abortion and same-sex "marriage." Will it be widespread euthanasia of the sick and elderly tomorrow? Then death camps for everyone else deemed ideologically "undesirable"? Once abortion is universally accepted, what logical arguments will stop euthanasia an

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2021.09.19 19:34 NookMafia Math class gets boring sometimes alright

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2021.09.19 19:34 aJepZen World's largest sand castle (made in Denmark)

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2021.09.19 19:34 Moldiy_ Tier 4 bis 1 jeder ist Willkommen. Bei unserem Team mit erfahrenden und neuen Spielern. Wir brauchen nur noch dich!

solange du nicht toxic bist kannst du mit machen:

adde mich EUW: Moldiy
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2021.09.19 19:34 quiltytaco Brilliant craftsmanship

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2021.09.19 19:34 7-CMBG [A3][NA][EST][Milsim][18+]7 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (7CMBG)

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2021.09.19 19:34 Pangolin_Rider IWTL the basics of modern theory and practice in special education

Long story short, I got a job where I'm working in an elementary school with high(-ish?) functioning special needs children in a classroom setting. I have no experience or training in special education, some experience but very little formal training in education generally, and very little administrative guidance or support - I barely have a job description beyond, 'Here are some kids who need some extra help.'
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2021.09.19 19:34 nomahgh Does anyone know if the 20% stacks per ki sphere obtained or is that only for crits?(just wanted some clarification)

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2021.09.19 19:34 iswallowballs How to find datura sources ?

I’ve never seen it in my state , (Oklahoma) and I’ve been wanting to try it for years . I’ve done so much research on it and I wanted to try to get some . I plan on starting with super small amounts though . Help please . Dm’s are open .
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2021.09.19 19:34 TN_Egyptologist Net fragment

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2021.09.19 19:34 sexydogmf What percentage of the human population are you confident you could beat in an mma match?

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2021.09.19 19:34 TigrisPrime [EUNE] TOP MAIN (tier 1) LF TEAM

Nick : ThinkClear
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2021.09.19 19:34 texanhick20 Kal and Kara's costume/uniform.

Was looking at some Superman/Supergirl drawings and something just hit me. Kryptonian's are powered by the sun, they absorb solar radiation and that's what gives them their powers. Yet when Kara's not drawn to be a sex symbol, both Superman and Supergirl's costumes tend to cover most of their body. Wrist length tops, knee/thigh high boots, pants.
I want to see a superman costume where his arms are completely uncovered and his costume ends in trunks instead of pants with him wearing wrestler boots that go up to the ankle. Leave all of his arms, face, and 3/4ths of his legs uncovered so he's absorbing more sunlight while adventuring/heroing.
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2021.09.19 19:34 strangerofficial STRANGER! - Waves

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2021.09.19 19:34 Narlohotep a cat person I drew

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2021.09.19 19:34 glitterkitty279 Need help - it’s getting worse

Hi guys, I regularly suffer from spots of eczema - under arms, inside elbows etc. I had contact dermatitis when I was a kid which caused my hands to bubble up. Right now it’s 3am and my hands are itching like crazy and they are red (no surface rash), feels like my skin is flaring up. I booked a docs appointment tomorrow to get a specialist referral since it feels like it’s getting worse. I’m sick of it and wish I’d gone to get it sorted sooner. I just can’t sleep and need to figure out what I can do to calm it down. Any ideas to help?
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