Snot nose selling on my island for 93 bells if anyone is interested

2021.09.19 20:04 Life-Gap-4880 Snot nose selling on my island for 93 bells if anyone is interested

I will dm dodo codes, plan on being on for the next hour and a half
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2021.09.19 20:04 OffspinMusic96 Show us some love on this one my gs

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2021.09.19 20:04 lasagneking007 UNSTOPPABLE Haaland hits brilliant brace! | Dortmund 4-2 Union Berlin | Bundesliga Highlights

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2021.09.19 20:04 EL-_PsYchO_- Ps4 H: 2* BE 50cal W: Cap offers

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2021.09.19 20:04 call-me-lemonhead What's some unusual thing that makes you happy?

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2021.09.19 20:04 Patient_Formal9377 No clan banner

Received pro v at start of clan wars but some clan mates didn’t , now we’ve climbed too master 4 and no clan banners for anyone in clan .
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2021.09.19 20:04 Xtra4Good Caramel Mousse Cake with Walnuts

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2021.09.19 20:04 Yaboiybds Kollar om ja vinner igen

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2021.09.19 20:04 epicgoo KATE - Official Trailer (2021) Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Woody Harrelson, Tadanobu Asano

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2021.09.19 20:04 youtuber00 Twitch

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2021.09.19 20:04 ReinhardtEichenvalde Wow, it's only been a few days and I'm already having more fun in standard than I ever have

It feels like I joined the game back in war all over again. I feel like there's a bunch of different strategies I can try and just not get blown out. I don't feel like there's just any cards I never want to see again like cleave or henge. Goldspan seems to be the most common card I've seen but honestly I don't think it's overpowered. It's very strong but without standard being plagued by a bunch of cheap near unconditional counter spells, you can actually deal with it.
Most of all, I can finally build a board again. I never really realized how omnipressive bonecrusher was until it finally left standard. My two drops die to removal as per usual, but I don't feel like I'm behind anymore because they have a 4/3 tucked away. I feel like me an my opponent are trading resources again.
I really hope the continue to design expansions like this from now on. I didn't buy the pass because I couldn't stand to log in more than once every 3 days, but I might buy it early this time because I can't stop playing lol.
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2021.09.19 20:04 wowwtay first heartbreak

my boyfriend (2 years) and I have broken up, he was my first love and first real boyfriend. it was mutual but now all I want is him.
How can I make myself feel better and stop crying for him; this is the worst feeling i’ve ever had in my entire life.
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2021.09.19 20:04 JonnyAsshat Obligatory

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2021.09.19 20:04 Soft-Ad-8501 ADAMoon Launching Now | Auto Rewards In ADA| Cross chain BSC & Cardano Alonzo| Sundae Swap & Yield Farming | Gaming & Metaverse 🌑

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2021.09.19 20:04 Proud_Article_9461 Putting coke in a salt grinder? I live with my parents.

Keep in mind I'll be reusing the same salt grinder til I quit so I won't be wasting residue. What do you guys say?
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2021.09.19 20:04 IVIenace100 [WTB] BCM .750 gas block (WA)

New or used fine - $25 to $40.
-Thanks team
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2021.09.19 20:04 Hedgewitch250 My werewolves

Looking for input and suggestions on the werewolves in my world. While it’s an urban fantasy about witches I intend to have multiple stories made extending past my main characters
In mythology there are various canine figures such as Fenrir and greki. A patchwork group of shaman and druids called the therians (for their ability to shift into animal forms) existed. They’re practices existed only around shifting and held the belief of the animal self being ones true nature. They worshipped creatures such as Fenrir and greki as many of the therians were from parts all around the world and therefore brought the myths of canine figures of various cultures to the group.
A man known as the savior(the main antagonist in my main story) wishes to save all creature Tied too myths. To do this however he has taken to killing witches and stealing their hearts for his plan. With this he began to hunt many of them. His followers would fight the therians to steal their hearts for him. While they fought hard and managed to win their first encounter too many were fatally injured. With the last of their strength the leader of the therians begged Canine figures to save them. This devotion led to the figures granting their powers and removing the therians human forms while giving them permanent wolf forms. They enjoyed this result as they could live in the forms they were comfortable with while also hiding them from the saviors machinations. However when they mated and began having children the pups turned out to be regular looking children. Knowing they couldn’t raise them in the wild the wolves would sneak into villages and leave the children in the hands of unsuspecting humans.
These children would have the werewolf complex in them and so would their descendants (turning by the full moon). Of course this came with towns hunting those suspected of being a wolf although this was a brief stint before they got better at hiding themselves in society. Eventually though the werewolf ability began to grow dormant with only a few having active abilities in the modern times. The saviors campaign has reached a second wind causing more werewolves to be activated as if their genes itself knew they would need protection.
The magic that affected the therians was done without a full plan, this resulted in the effects of the magic filling itself in (kinda like magic autocorrect). This caused werewolves evolving to accommodate what they would need to survive. This came with the enhanced capabilities in human form and their wolf forms being bigger then normal wolves. Triggering the gene is caused from intense emotion that can range from elation to fear. While all werewolves have the same powers there a subtle differences that give them advantages. Wolves in the Arctic are faster while wolves in the desert have greater hearing. The first transformation is utter hell as your bones and flesh are torn and reformed. This causes new wolves to be feral upon turning as they experience a form of shock and psychosis. In time they will learn to accept the turn and gain awareness in their wolf form. Talented wolves can even turn into a more man wolf shape with practice.
There are no alphas in my world. Instead wolves have groups based on the human need to stick together with a leader being optional depending on how they lead their group.
Werewolves have certain characteristics in their human form that give due to their nature. They may prefer to sleep in the common canine position and are commonly on the Neurodiversity spectrum.
I plan on having 2 be distinct amongst the werewolves. One takes after the extinct dire wolf while the other instead of becoming a wolf turns into a coyote that has a different personality almost like when he turns it’s a different person in charge. If there’s anything I should add or change don’t be afraid to send it.
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2021.09.19 20:04 AstralWulfxiii My dashing hunter

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2021.09.19 20:04 skylersanchez123 Last call Sunday ticket $50 dm me if you are interested

Title says it all let dm me before it’s to late
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2021.09.19 20:04 hurtfocker Who’s the strangest of these people?

View Poll
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2021.09.19 20:04 bmrrm 🍉

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2021.09.19 20:04 Dylan-McVillian I am the termination method

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2021.09.19 20:04 jupitercatstardust squishmallow heaven!!!

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2021.09.19 20:04 Buck767 The Wow! Signal

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