$7 entry fee. (22,300vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed

2021.10.23 04:09 ThatDudeYallKnow $7 entry fee. (22,300vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed

$7 entry fee. (22,300vids)(200+ megalinks). Telegram user is @wokendemon ,hit me on there if account is removed submitted by ThatDudeYallKnow to Norgenudes [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 The-Dumbass i just feel so fucking stupid and alone

i just feel like no one fr likes me, the guy i’m talking to is just using me. i fuckinf tried to break my razor open to self harm and i fuckinf cut my thumb wife open and now it won’t stip bloodying. why can’t i do anything right.
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2021.10.23 04:09 fog_girl I still have it hehehe 😈

I still have it hehehe 😈 submitted by fog_girl to teenagersbutpog [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 ZulusVTanke Воркута в заморском телевизере...

Воркута в заморском телевизере... submitted by ZulusVTanke to Pikabu [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 Blue_Ganache Isfj estp relationship dynamicsss (oc)

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2021.10.23 04:09 spookiestLew Quite pleased with how my fruit tats turned out! (Lew Mac, Phoenix Tattoo in Hamilton, Scotland, IG: SpookyLew)

Quite pleased with how my fruit tats turned out! (Lew Mac, Phoenix Tattoo in Hamilton, Scotland, IG: SpookyLew) submitted by spookiestLew to TattooApprentice [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 dancingdonkey18 Install GAPPS and Playstore on WSA

Install GAPPS and Playstore on WSA submitted by dancingdonkey18 to windowsinsiders [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 Adept_Possession_881 GHOSTBUSTERS FAN SCRIPT

Hey, Ghostbusters fans. I spent a little over a month writing a Ghostbusters screenplay because I got an idea in my head and just had to go with it. I’d like to post it here and see what you guys think. It’s attached to my blog and the introduction is a little antagonistic because typically only like 2 people it and that’s just my kind of humor.
Anyway, hope you enjoy.
Ghostbusters Pitch
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2021.10.23 04:09 aziods Tropical bottom feeder identification please!

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2021.10.23 04:09 BigJek Audio faulty

Hey I bought a new pc and my headset plays what I hear into my discord. I've tried everything from updating my drivera and re installing. To a whole new headset. Nothing works. I pulled apart my pc and on the mother board side of my hd audio plug it seems that one of the pins is touching another. I was wondering if that bridge between pins is on purpose or if that's my problem
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2021.10.23 04:09 msiynot Question what are items with faction rerolll???

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2021.10.23 04:09 firewall407 notify me

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2021.10.23 04:09 DisastrousPrize305 🐕 MiniCuteDoge 📈 | Just Launched | Next BabyDoge | 🚀 Highest Holder Rewards Ever ✅ | BuyBack Function 💯| BSC GEM 💎|

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2021.10.23 04:09 next_redsteppa Please help me solve my midi trouble

Hey y'all,
I want to use touchscaper on iOS to control certain channels of my roland mc707. This is giving me a bit of a headache and I hope you can help.
To make full use of touchscapers awesome features it needs to send its midi output not to a certain channel but via MPE. Seemingly MPE utilises the channels 2-9 by default.
Problem is I want it only to control the channels 6-8 on the 707.
What I need is a way to combine and reroute those channels on the ipad and then send them to the defined channels on the 707.
Like I want touchscaper to send all the midi data to some app. This app should take it and for example map the channels 2-4 to channel 6 on the 707, 5-7 to channel 7 on the 707 and 8-9 to 8 on tue 707.
I hope that was understandable.
Any way to do this? Preferably without using AUM or another host software.
Thank you guys in advance.
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2021.10.23 04:09 KledMainSG I wanna learn advanced js

Hey guys I'm a new frontend developer.Im self taught.I only know the basics of js(strings,var,array,objects,loops, function basic).I went directly to vue js after learning the basics.So as I'm doing my internship I'm facing many problems that I cannot solve cause I lack core js knowledge.I'm kinda loosing motivation.So I wanna learn js intermediate and advanced parts like asynchronous,axios crud operations,event loops etc etc.Where can I learn the intermediate and advanced topics.Is there any video course or bootcamp which revises the basic parts and then covers a lot deep js?Thanks in advance
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2021.10.23 04:09 KyngShadow Setting up home to charge 3+ Teslas?

Hi there,
I'm really confused when it comes to EVs, charging and how to set your home up for it. I live in Ontario, Canada, brand new home (2021) with a 200amp electrical panel thing.
I got a ton of pot lights inside and outside the house. High end "smart" fridge (don't ask lol interior was black that's why I got it), high end microwave, oven, and gas stove (all of which gets used throughout the day until about 12am). Also a water tank, and a home steam humidifier looking thing.
We will be getting 2 model 3s, and 1 model S, and maybe a model Y or another model S. All of them will be long range.
I can fit three 2020 civic sedans in my garage (who needs an office when you can have more garage space!)
My concerns are:
1) Would I be able to charge 3-4 electric Teslas at the same time? I don't even know if I can install more than 1 charging stations
2) should I be concerned about appliances running while charging the EVs? Pot lights ?
3) if there's a power outage should I unplug the EVs to avoid a surge?
I want to get rid of all my gas and diesel cars, keep one for emergencies but trying to go more green.
Hoping someone can provide some advice!
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.23 04:09 tomandjerrymar How do you say scrumptious tell me? Abhishek Tirkey

Well, it is serene. Go to the brasserie,
Supplicate the culinarian for the nosh,
No, my crony, the yearning for the nosh is not what you think.
The moment you scoff the nosh, you pass it in the belly.
And that is not scrumptious means.
Well, you are the verfasser you tell it.
Oh! I gendanke you are astute, oh boy I have to explain it again.
When you anticipate the nosh, you prepare in the domicile, and your wife broils the nosh with you.
You wait until you are famished because you have fabricated the nosh, and when you come out on the banquet,
And your wife obliges the nosh and the bairns comet out of the rooms.
Then you scoff the nosh,
Then what is the antiphon that comes out of the piehole?
Ah, now you got my point.

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2021.10.23 04:09 przemkis How To Live a Less Wasteful Life: (14 Most Impactful Habits)

How To Live a Less Wasteful Life: (14 Most Impactful Habits) submitted by przemkis to SelfImprovementHacks [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 Accomplished_Belt246 CZ or CS? which one took my money?

CZ or CS? which one took my money? submitted by Accomplished_Belt246 to binance [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 SicksBoy Which one of these decks are prettier and better? I'll buy it next week when I buy the other things, skate-thighs related.

Which one of these decks are prettier and better? I'll buy it next week when I buy the other things, skate-thighs related. submitted by SicksBoy to NewSkaters [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 04:09 Binggezi [I ate] A line😂😂

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2021.10.23 04:09 gadanjavier Buy Leukeran, Buy Cytoxan, Buy Hydrea, Buy Eulexin, Buy Nolvadex, Buy Methotrexate, Buy Xeloda, Buy Casodex, Buy Zofran Online: Discount Generic & Prescription Drugs

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2021.10.23 04:09 Robinjo1985 "Rust" Star Jensen Ackles Joked About Being Questioned Over Handling Firearms

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2021.10.23 04:09 ripetomato83 best class set ups by stat? [mp]

I was wondering what the best class setups and attachment selections are for each gun based on the stats?
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2021.10.23 04:09 Different-Ad-2691 This girl is really metal

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