can you please give me advises on how to solo theater of blood on entry mode? what is the best gear and set up.

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2021.12.08 03:59 risingpheonix11 can you please give me advises on how to solo theater of blood on entry mode? what is the best gear and set up.

these are my stats: 77 att 81 str 75 def 83 magic 86 range
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2021.12.08 03:59 bottomtextboy uuuuuuuuuh?

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2021.12.08 03:59 dacleoobo Wait a second

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2021.12.08 03:59 Beneficium_ Ich_iel

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2021.12.08 03:59 Wild_Chapelle_Fan Leon Draisaitl Gets Away with a Nutcheck on Kirill Kaprizov

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2021.12.08 03:59 PublicCaterpillar406 Alguém pra bater pra familiar?

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Beyler kız arkadaşımın adeti gecikti ilk defa oluyormuş ve bildiğiniz gibi bunun ilk sebebi hamilelik ama alakası yok cinsel ilişkiye falan girmedik. O bu konularda aşırı cahil daha çocuk nasıl olur bilmiyordu ben anlattım ama hala içinde şüphe var hamile olabilirim sanıyor ve 2 haftadır yemek üzere. Ben buna napıyım nasıl anlatıyım nasıl inandırıyım
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2021.12.08 03:59 drivenadventures NGL - I find this outfit more alluring than the previous one

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2021.12.08 03:59 mugzi5 Why did they take off post game chat?

I met this chill dude in the match and i wanted to chat with him but after not playing the game for a few months i came back jus to find they took of post game chat. Does anyone kno why they took this out. Honestly it wasnt that bad but rip post game chat
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2021.12.08 03:59 HollowRc #Sold Hollow #R76 🎉

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2021.12.08 03:59 Dzeb27 So the full multiplayer mode is coming today?

As this was beta version, today along with campaign we'll have full version of multiplayer? Can we hope for some improvements or it's going to stay as it is?
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2021.12.08 03:59 LadyReinhardt Made a meme template for you guys to use. (Insta @rabbidminiatures)

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2021.12.08 03:59 lordpews Pirate deck with Iris
No discard package. Only pirates, Ships and thicc Iris.
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2021.12.08 03:59 poligram7 Non-Mongolians, what does mongolian sound like to you?

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2021.12.08 03:59 donotgogenlty The ultimate family man...

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2021.12.08 03:59 The_Real_baskimo Combining both edges of the new swords for 30th anniversary.

If you read the description of "The Other Half" it reads, "if there was only a way to combine them...". I initially thought okay just a reference. But then I noticed, if you look at the reticle for the swords, you can see the halo sword icon and each sword lights up a different half of the reticle with each appropriate sword. So I wanted to through this out there. Is there a way to combine the swords?
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2021.12.08 03:59 somnum_osseus Get your shit together America.

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2021.12.08 03:59 Snake1400 Weird auto centering

Anyone having this issue on controller it’s so annoying if it not a bug please make a toggle bungie
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2021.12.08 03:59 SunIsGay Are Parliament Reserves strong cigs?

I've heard that they're both really strong and just medium cigs? Which is it?
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2021.12.08 03:59 aphr0ditekaytee Do people actually believe this?!

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2021.12.08 03:59 IsmetCanpolat The Ongoing Mystery of Jesus's Face #Shorts

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2021.12.08 03:59 DHChao Welcome the EN players

The global version just came out and this sub is so much more active suddenly. So just wanna say welcome. Also feel free to share your thoughts or anything you feel like talking about the game down here.
I don't move to EN but seeing the atmosphere really made me wanna write this post. So, welcome aboard again! Wonderhoi!
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2021.12.08 03:59 XtremeBurrito Come on man

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2021.12.08 03:59 AuntWacky1976 If you thought Mr. Gun Kim in the 1970's was wrong, check this out. Tim Curry with Richard O'Brian in 1973. Gun would absolutely adore that leopard print suit, and you know it! 😉 🤣

If you thought Mr. Gun Kim in the 1970's was wrong, check this out. Tim Curry with Richard O'Brian in 1973. Gun would absolutely adore that leopard print suit, and you know it! 😉 🤣 submitted by AuntWacky1976 to ILoveYoo [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 03:59 trelawneywalty The Attack Titan by Shimhaq

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