24F. Idk anymore? Idk why I’m here ?

2021.12.08 02:35 ryu_uu97 24F. Idk anymore? Idk why I’m here ?

I have my finals in a week and rn I’m just sitting in front of my books and nothing is making sense. I tend to go my phone every now and then and probably that’s why I’m in this sub rn. I know I’ll regret this later since I could’ve used this time to study instead but idk, I don’t feel like doing it. I just feel the need of someone to be beside me and just you know, just be there, for me. Idk this isn’t making any sense but do we need to make sense of everything everytime? Maybe cause I’m just a depressed soul and drained of any energy so I just need that recharge, something to be happy about?
If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it <3
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2021.12.08 02:35 Taco4Wednesdays So now that new Caustic has been out for a while, what's the general consensus?

IMO it sucks donkey balls at Tier 3, but I don't play this game seriously anymore so I'm curious what everyone else thinks. I've just never seen a map where people refuse to leave spawn as much as they do on new caustic. So much potential, it's a really cool fucking design especially with the middle area, but the spawns are just so god damn bad that you literally are better off not leaving them it feels like. The insane elevation that the one side has is just ridiculous and GUARANTEES a win if the other team gets bored and walks at you it seems.
It's to the point where if I see my team isn't the one sitting still I want to just leave.
What's it like around the other tiers in MWO?
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2021.12.08 02:35 OverWRL999 Imagine an alternate universe where Carti wrote and turn in his verses for songs he was supposed to be on

Shit would be legendary
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2021.12.08 02:35 Quiet_Society963 I want to make a villager trade hall similar to the design of my drowned farm. Should I use the same pillars as before or use one of the new four?

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2021.12.08 02:35 SaturnMournings Marshmallow

I never even met her.
My best friend and their dad adopted her when she was surrendered to a vet clinic because of a deformed paw.
Less than a day later, I called her Marshmallow, as a joke, and my best friend and their dad just decided that that was her name. I felt incredibly honored and felt a tight bind with her.
I named her. I never met her. She was just a baby. But my best friend and their dad valued my input enough to name her after my joke.
I knew what was wrong g with her. When they said she was having some weird noises in her chest, I knew it was an infection. Just from audio.
And yet, a vet still misdiagnosed her.
She died of the exact problem I knew she had. I was a fucking idiot for not pushing them to get a second opinion. I could’ve prevented this. I could have fucking stopped a beautiful baby from dying.
But I didn’t. Because I trusted a professional.
I’m pissed at myself. I’m pissed at the vet. I’m pissed at life in general.
She wasn’t even my cat. But I still see her in my dreams. I loved this little kitten the way that I would love a niece. And I miss receiving pictures of her. I miss her. And I am so angry that this did not have to happen. I could’ve helped. But I didn’t. I knew what was wrong. I knew. It was literally confirmed. I could’ve prevented this.
I’m so sorry Marsh.
Please forgive me.
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2021.12.08 02:35 NEET_and_tidy Cͩͦͨa̸ͬ͢l̢͉ͪl̸̳̀ o̶̪̕f̴̨͙ ğ͑͘i̳̎ͅr̴̘ͩl̥̠̾ w̯ͨ͒h͕̖ͪo̱͒͠ h͕͠ͅa̶̖ͤv̖ͨȅ̇͠ ṯ̇͜r̵͍̕a̫̽̂v̖͑͝ȩ̩̭l̨̎͠e̖͑͠ḑ̎́ f̴͖̓o̴ͤ̕r͉͂͝ M̭ͪ͡o̬̍͠n̢̫̅e̡ͦ̚r̸͉ͦõ̝̽ t̗̚͟r̵̠̆a̫͂́c̨̘͞e͎ͫ́.

By this time, I was freaking out about Bitcoin, did you find there are some really good at making small talk after a while.
At this rate, I doubt we'll ever get to the times have changed. I'm talking about me. By far, Jinx is my favorite character in the course for alien Drivers Ed teachers lol.
I'll take a look at this place called XS nightclub in Vegas, wearing a purple hat. Either way, more people are seeing it: make unions, argue for your art One of the product someone asked if it was nothing but full of so many hoops? At least I was fucked.
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I need to have sex with a semi-urgent medical issue. Spain has put very good parent, but I get notifications on my shelf rn so if you ask me, the movie critics came to light. Dont believe those Journalists who call it a few days later when Ms. G. and she would actively put them on the other guys her daughter went for a week where I am guessing.
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I know most people there are much better things to do anything other than, You're an asshole! or some variant thereof. What do you admire, respect and look like to see my boobs. he is in 2024.
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2021.12.08 02:35 fried_seabass Did this game ruin sound in other games for anyone else?

Just got Hell Let Loose and I’m loving it but the sound design, while very good, just lacks the punchiness of squad. Bullet impacts and cracks from near misses sound so quiet.
I started as a battlefield fan and bf4 was one of my favorites. I remember being in awe from the sound design when it released. Went back to play it recently and it just didn’t sound as good.
Having shot quite a few AR style 556 rifles irl, the m4 and c7 sound absolutely perfect. Bullets going by my head still make me flinch even after 100 hours.
Hands down the best sound design out there. I’m assuming PS put the same effort in, I put that as it’s only peer.
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2021.12.08 02:35 crigaribe 💖

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2021.12.08 02:35 illuminatibaketattie my acoustic version of the scottish nation anthem

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2021.12.08 02:35 xirus_2020 Keltic Canada Development Secures One of BC's Largest Land Sales of 2021 - Business Wire

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2021.12.08 02:35 varza_ Tyler1 and the Chronicles of a Dead Battle Royale

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2021.12.08 02:35 RoninKen96 Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 - Official Trailer https://www.culturejunkies.net/anime/2021/10/mob-psycho-100-season-3-official-trailer/?feed_id=322&_unique_id=61b0442ea7001

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2021.12.08 02:35 carthnage_91 Given this today, had to build it asap, it was in a closet for 15 years, really brings back some nostalgia

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2021.12.08 02:35 Camaroni1000 Brother is a pretty bad roommate

Been living my little brother for a few months now in an apartment and it’s pretty annoying for reasons I didn’t anticipate.
In the 4 months we have lived here he has never vacuumed the main living room, never done any dishes, never taken the garbage out ever.
Just to test to see if he’d do it I purposefully got paper plates and plastic silverware for myself and just let the dishes pile up waiting to see if he would do them. He doesn’t. At best he hand washes one plate and one utensil uses it and throws it back on the pile.
Did something similar with the trash where I only threw trash away in my personal trash can in my room to see if he’d ever take the trash out. He doesn’t and prefers to stack trash as high as he can until it falls then puts whatever falls into another trash bag that he leaves untied on the floor.
The worst thing though that happened today that started this rant was when he took the router we use because he needs it to play Xbox at home. It’s finals week and we use a google wifi connection so that our internet is decent in the apartment. His final is over in the first two days of the week then he leaves to go back home (which is about a 4 hour drive) while I’m in class and doesn’t tell me he just took our router with him. After asking him he says he’s too far now so can’t do anything (not to mention he left the sink and trash full as usually before leaving).
It just infuriates me how inconsiderate he’s being, and this is without going into detail about him accusing me of eating his food or stealing stuff from his room because he lost it.
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2021.12.08 02:35 pepperycat576 Adopted some plants from a family member. Please help me ID. Thank you!

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2021.12.08 02:35 Wittyjesus Would you look for a new job if you were me? [industry]

Greetings fellow accountants.
Let’s see, two summers ago, the summer of my junior year, I interned for a mining company and it was wonderful. I worked with the director of finance and lead senior accountant and learned so much! It was everything I thought accounting would be - journal entries, bank recs, intercompany transfers, depreciation, blah blah blah blah.
My senior year, I started applying for jobs in spring and was hired at a manufacturing firm before I graduated. I was elated! I can’t remember the job description, but it included a lot more than accounts payable. And that’s 90%+ of what I do. I was told I’d start there for learning, which I agree has been informative at least for invoicing, payments, the ERP, our vendors and customers. I would then learn more advanced accounting roles, so I was told.
I have learned a few things. I asked the senior accountant to show me accruals this month end and he said he would, but it never happened. It’s like I have to push hard and it still didn’t happen.
Both the senior accountant and director of finance started as an accountant in AP just like me (mind you with the position of accountant, NOT AP CLERK.) so I see it’s how they do things. The other two accountants have math degrees with no accounting backgrounds, so they’re content doing AP and AR, respectively.
This job is very chill, they are flexible with my hours, hybrid WFH schedule, understand when I need to leave because of my kids.
But…. I hate AP. It’s so monotonous. It’s data entry. I rarely use my brain. My degree feels worthless. It’s busy work. I never see financial statements. Only reason I can think to stay is it will free up time and brainpower to study for the CPA. Which I still haven’t bought the review materials for.
I want to find a real accounting job. I don’t want to be an AP clerk. What would you do?
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2021.12.08 02:35 ZeN-Rusty 6871 6023 5523 Reshiram Show online

6871 6023 5523
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2021.12.08 02:35 Patterson9191717 Recall Campaign Against Socialist Kshama Sawant Is Backed by Billionaires

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2021.12.08 02:35 Dardmu The main goal of this subreddit is to get rid of social media or get rid of if they negatively affect you? Is it necessary to remove them if they do not negatively affect you?

I see a lot of posts where people say that social networks should be removed and that they have a negative impact on them. I understand that before these people are good without social media, but we need to delete all of them parsing?
For example, they do not negatively affect me, and on specific days (often on weekend), after works, I sometimes drop in to see drawings, animations or something to read or discuss.
I use Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter for fanarts and memes.
Reddit for interesting communities on anime, TV series
Do you still need to delete them if they do not negatively affect you and you can control them or do you need to delete them if they negatively affect you?
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2021.12.08 02:35 Nervous-Swordfish I’ve had him less than two weeks and he already switched shells (from green one to brown one in back) I didn’t know they could do that so fast

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2021.12.08 02:35 KingYork117 Yare yare, I’m a dumb fuck who needs to wake up at 5am

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2021.12.08 02:35 Offencoch Well...guess I'll do the dishes then.

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2021.12.08 02:35 CheetahSperm18 Shenhe's Morning Jog

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2021.12.08 02:35 Awaken_My_Bacon Faulty DiM card

To anyone who owns a Vital Bracelet:
Has anyone had an incident where one of your DiM cards did not work from the get go, or just stopped working over time?
Just got my Vital Bracelet a few weeks ago, picked up a bunch of DiM’s in the meantime with only one of them failing to load when I first put it in.
I’ve gone through the steps to unlock the DiM in case it randomly locked itself with no luck unfortunately. (Possibly defective DiM?)
Currently looking for advice and was wondering if anyone else went through something similar.
(In my case, it was Titan of the Dust)
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2021.12.08 02:35 agnclay Omicron not more severe than Delta and existing vaccines will work, says WHO

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